The Highways Agency head office relocated from Dorking to Guildford. To get this message across to it’s staff throughout the UK, a video was produced for the Highways Agency YouTube channel. As part of a small team, we created the video using new video footage that we captured on site and video/stills footage captured by a team member on their test train journey from Dorking to Guildford. I added the graphics, titles and animated text sequences and helped edit the final video accompanying the narrator.

This was a real team effort, from capturing the video footage, taking new photos of both locations and capturing the sound files for the narration through to editing the final video in sequence to match the original brief. This one video set the trend and the Highways Agency invested in new video equipment for future internal video production

  • Project Type: Video Editing
  • Project Type: Premier, Photoshop
  • Client: Highways Agency
  • Project Year: 2014